Vinegar, My Dad and His Eyes

by breenalive

Here is a story that’s going on right now.

My dad has a glaucoma-related buildup of pressure in his eyes and has also developed cataracts.

He’s already had surgery on one eye and some problems have developed. The eye seems to have developed an infection which means that he has had to use steroids eye drops and antibiotic eye drops in the eye to heal it.

But it isn’t all hunky dory now. The steroids or antibiotics are driving the pressure up in that eye so sometimes he can hardly see.

So… he’s doing the balancing act between steroid drops, antibiotics drops against other drops to bring the pressure down…

Sheesh. Then he reads the contraindications and side-effects warnings on these things. It boggles the mind.

So the other eye that hasn’t had the surgery… the pressure’s been very elevated in that one as well, despite the ‘anti-pressure’ drips.

So he decides let’s see if I use a mixture that contains vinegar in the eye that hasn’t had the operation.

After all, mainstream medicine has had their go at one eye and that one’s iffy. Let’s try a different method with the other.

So he tries this formula he got from the LifeEvents website.

Formula: 5 parts (measures) distilled water
2 parts best grade of honey
1 part pure apple cider vinegar

He uses a couple of drops of this mixture in that eye every day.

And whaddya know… in one week the pressure in the un-operated eye drop from 16 to 12. :D

Could it be working or is it something else? We’ll pick up this story again later when he’s gone to see the doc…

  • Dr Imran Khan

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  • Dr Imran Khan

    The research was done at that the enzymes in the honey and hydrogen peroxide will clear out the vision issues

  • Dr Imran


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